Ware Housing Strategic placement of storage facilities

VertiCorp has various storage facilities within East Africa

We take care of the strategic placement of the storage facilities, according to the special needs of our clients.

Catering & food supply

VertiCorp goes to the extent of food supply in case our customers are interested in more than just catering.

We supply full service to the extent that the customer needs it. Complete catering is part of an all-encompassing service.

Camp Support encompasses providing basic needs to people living in the fields

In remote regions whenever people have to live together for a certain period of time, there is the necessity to provide the basics: premises for eating, sleeping, bathrooms, and community rooms.

VertiCorp takes care of the catering. We take care of all laundry and waste management services. VertiCorp covers electricity installation and maintenance. we also provide storage, warehousing and take care of all building maintenance and other support activities.